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SCB aka Scuba ノベルティーMIX-CDRプレゼント!

LABYRINTH×mnml ssgs

8.13(金)スタート! 渋谷クラブミュージックショップ限定
SCB aka Scuba mnml ssgs MIX-CDRプレゼンキャンペーン


● 開催期間 :
2010.8.13 (Fri)~配布終了次第終了

● 対象商品 :

● 交換方法 :


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mnml ssgs   http://mnmlssg.blogspot.com/

SCB aka Scuba   http://www.myspace.com/paulhotflush

Hotflush Recordings http://www.hotflushrecordings.com/

great!・・・track list≫

01. Tommy Four Seven - Surma (T47 Tool) (Electric Deluxe)
02. Frozen Border - 3-2 (Frozen Border)
03. Hauntologists 2 (Hauntologists)
04. Donato Dozzy - Menta (Time to Express)
05. Roska - Proverbs (Roska Kicks & Snares)
06. The Dolphins - Broken Hobo (Affin)
07. Shackleton - Death is not Final (Skull Disco)
08. Mike Shannon - Sweets (Wagon Repair)
09. Horizontal Ground - untitled (Horizontal Ground)
10. Falty DL - Play Child (unreleased)
11. Digitaline - Altra (City Foxx)
12. A Made Up Sound - On & On (Clone Basement series)
13. Silent Servant - Violencia (Kalon remix) (Sandwell District)
14. Red Snapper - Moving Mountain (Scuba remix) (Lo Recordings)
15. Appleblim & Ramadanman - Justify (Will Saul & Mike Monday remix) (Applepips)
16. N/A - Variance (Marcel Dettmann remix) (Sandwell District)
17. SCB - 20_4 (unreleased)
18. Kowton - Stasis (gmix) (Keysound)
19. Joy Orbison - Tentative Bidding (unreleased)

big thanks!Scuba,mnml ssgs and labyrinth!

labyrinth disk union promo mx: SCB

good news! tomorrow our latest collaboration with labyrinth and disk union will be hitting the shibuya disk union store. the new limited edition CDR promo is mnml ssgs mx 37 from SCB aka scuba aka paul rose aka someone who makes and DJs awesome electronic music. like the previous CDRs from marcel fengler and peter van hoesen, the SCB mix comes in lovely lossless format for your listening pleasure. to get a copy all you need to do is buy a ticket for labyrinth or spend at least 4000 yen on electronic music at the disk union shibuya store. seems like a good deal to me, because you should be doing that anyway! more info here. big thanks to scuba, labyrinth and disk union for making this happen. super excited to see the labyrinth of scuba vs SCB!

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